Sunday, October 13, 2013

Word Of The Week...

Free Agency-­‐ The Final Draft

Recently, my son who is a NFL free agent was home for a visit. Although it was good seeing him I must admit Sundays are not the same without him being on the field. While he was home he and my younger son, Jeremiah were conversing about a pair of football cleats that were stolen out of Jeremiah’s locker. My son quickly replied “don’t worry Jeremiah I have an extra pair of cleats in my bag.” I then replied “in your rental car?” He replied “I’m always prepared for my agent to call me for a team workout, even if I’m cross country” His response reminded me of the writer Luke who tells Israel “be dressed in readiness, and keep your lamps lit.” Luke 12:35. Like my free agent son and possibly yours our preparedness for the King is very important because His return is immanent. The bible says that we don’t know the day or the hour of the return of Christ so our goal as Christians should be to live as if he is returning within the moment. Daily we should work toward developing our character, pressing toward holiness and taking our worship with Him to the next level. Being prepared means that we work harder today than we did yesterday to rid ourselves of the old nature that sets us back. Like my free agent son waiting for a call from a head coach, a general manager or a team owner, we too are waiting for our head coach (Jesus) our general manager (the Holy Spirit) and the owner of all humanity (God) to draft us into our heavenly eternal call. Definitely the day of Christ return will be the final draft for Christians, no one on the team will be cut, no more salary negotiations, the unlimited riches of Christ will be at our fingertips, even our streets will be paved with gold. Regardless of what your situation looks like now, if you know Jesus in the pardon of your sins your setback is preparing you for an eternal comeback. I’m not sure if there will be football in heaven but I do know that every day will feel like Sunday and we will all be Super Bowl Champions in the eyes of the King. So stay steadfast during your free agency on earth, don’t allow the natural things of life to steal your joy because regardless of what the score is now we are sure to win in the end. So get excited about your Free Agency and Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready our Final Draft is soon to come!!!!
Your PFPMA Chaplain, Min. Christina Lee