Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I think Russell Wilson should have won MVP of the Superbowl! 

So it's going down like this? 

This was the best Superbowl E-V-E-R to me against the best quarterback to EVER play the game. If the Broncos had won, do you think Peyton would not have been named MVP? Really you know he would of. That would not have been a 2nd thought for most. REALLY!  Russell Wilson played a flawless turnover free game. (That's Peyton-like), isn't it? Russell showed poise in the pocket, that's Peyton-like, isn't it? Seattle broke the code, WOW! They studied like uhhhh, Peyton! Throwing Ducks, I never heard of that before?... Especially with Peyton. And somebody said it, oh oh! It was also said " now it isn't all on the quarterback ", Really, really? I'm shonuf confused, but not really. Usually that's  who always takes the blame. Defense affected Peytons play, uhhhhh YEA! It's all been offensive to me because my son played the game at a high level and well y'all know what I mean! 

I'll tell you I did enjoy this Superbowl Game. I loved the opera singer, beautiful. Queen Latifa, great. Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers, fantastic! And Joe Namath! What can I say? Very entertaining. 
You are the MVP to me, Russell son.  Congratulations,  you have done that thang, like it was suppose to be done! 

Mama McNabb